A downloadable game for Windows

Anyone can experience to become an architect in virtual world - create a house, customize properties, drag materials, choose windows, doors and finally experience the building in real scale in front of ones eyes.

Game is played with Oculus Rift and desktop Leap Motion. Use the provided tools, follow Archy's advise and build a virtual house with just your index finger.

It is an ultimate virtual experience!

Check out video here.

Install instructions


  1. Setup Leap Motion on table with cable on the right side (not head mounted)
  2. Hold Oculus Rift about 15 cm over Leap motion
  3. Start application
  4. Put on Oculus Rift headset
  5. Enjoy experience

Requires Oculus Rift and Leap Motion with latest runtimes installed.


ArchyTech.zip 158 MB


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Is it Windows only? No Mac version? Thanks.

Yeah, this is Win only, sorry.

Hey, guys, who have played it already - what is your experience? Do you see any improvements of experience?
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